Download +20.000 CAD blocks in DWG and DXF format for architecture and engineering.

We have great and good news for all those professionals who are dedicated to the development of plans and projects in the field of architecture or engineering. In CADxBIM we have created an extensive and complete collection with over 20.000 of the best CAD blocks in DWG and DXF format that you can download directly into a compressed file. You will find all the blocks organized and classified in their corresponding folder or category.

Here you have some of them: construction details, structures, building installations, health and safety in construction, signs and signposting, urban planning, accessibility, furniture and furniture, sanitary fittings, doors, windows, construction equipment and machinery, vegetation and trees, transport, 3 dimensions, people and animals, presentations, maps and street plans, accessories and objects… among many others, in addition to countless other complements that can help you with your work and professional activity as an architect, engineer, designer or draughtsman.

Of course, you can edit and modify each and every one of the CAD blocks that we offer in our collection to adapt them to your projects, drawings or plans according to your needs at the time. The more than 20.000 files are in DWG and DXF vector drawing format, which means that they are compatible with any computer-aided design (CAD) software or program, such as AutoCAD…

We offer you the possibility of having in your hands all this collection of blocks with which you will save time, work and money in your daily tasks…. We are sure that our collection of CAD blocks in DWG and DXF format, will bring you great value and will be of infinite utility to you if you are dedicated to projecting in the sectors of architecture, engineering, delineation and design.

Download now +20.000 CAD blocks for your architectural or engineering projects.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer and get all the CAD blocks you need in DWG and DXF format…

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Imagine all the time and work you can save by making architectural or engineering plans…

You have the great opportunity to have the more than 20.000 specialized CAD blocks for architectural and engineering projects in DWG and DXF format, always available and accessible for your own use. You can use them in your designs, drawings and plans when you need them, as you really want and with all the freedom of having them in your possession. Store and save all the CAD blocks as you wish, on your hard drives, or in the storage units of your choice, but you will have the security of always having them within your reach with the total comfort and flexibility that this can mean for you.

There are already 3955 satisfied users from all over the world who have downloaded our complete collection of CAD blocks.

80% of the proceeds are donated and used to collaborate with different humanitarian aid projects.

Download +20.000 CAD blocks for your DWG and DXF projects.

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Download the complete collection of CAD blocks with over 20.000 files in DWG and DXF format...

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